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Water Well Drilling in Healdsburg – Is Your Water Well Leaking? Know the Warning Signs.

Anyone who does water well drilling in Healdsburg is familiar with the problem of leaking wells.  While minor leaks aren’t always an immediate problem, leaking wells almost always get worse over time – and they’ll start doing significant damage to your well and pumping apparatus.  Worse, leaks can sometimes be hard to detect.  Often, a...
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Abandoning A Property? Be Sure Your Well Is Properly Sealed by a Water Well Drilling Company in Napa County

Water well drilling companies in Napa County don’t only drill and maintain wells – they are also sometimes called in to seal old wells up.  It is extremely important that abandoned wells not be left open.  If you have a well on your property, part of your responsibility is ensuring it’s properly disposed of should you ever...
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3 Advantages of Having Your Own Water Well in Sonoma County

Everyone deserves clean water and to have your own water well is an invaluable resource that offers many advantages over tap water. Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. has been in the water well business since 1949 and specializes in the installation and testing of water wells in Sonoma County. Instead of worrying about the infrastructure of...
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Well Pump Repair: Common Water Pump Problems

Water well problems may be due to depletion of the aquifer, improper well design, equipment failures and much more. Once your well pump fails, your water supply will cease as well. Fortunately, it is not all that hard to identify and troubleshoot water pump problems. Once you are sure you have a problem at hand,...
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